Hanuman Chalisa Lyrics and Meaning

Hanuman chalisa


Hanuman Chalisa was written by one of the most famous saint-poet of ancient times, Goswami Tulsidas Ji,The Chalisa is a devotional hymn in praise of Lord Hanuman. The  Chalisa contains an exact 40 chaupais (excluding the couplets at the beginning and the end), which praise the multiples qualities of Lord Hanuman. That is how; it got the name,  which literally means 40 chaupais (verses) on Hanuman.

Hanuman Chalisa:

Lord Hanuman is believed to be the greatest devotee of Lord Rama. Hanuman Chalisa is the best text known related to Lord Hanuman. Originally written in Awadhi by Tulsidas Ji in the 16th century CE, it has later been translated into various languages like Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu and Gujarati.

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Lord Hanuman:

According to religious texts related to Lord Shiva, Hanuman is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva. While his biological parents were monkey-king Kesari and Anjana, his divine father is believed to be Pavan Dev (the wind god). This is why Hanuman is often referred to as ‘Pavan-Putra’ (the son of Pavan). Hanuman is known and worshipped for several of his qualities, like strength, courage, wisdom, celibacy, and devotion to Lord Rama. Being a son of Kesari and Anjana, he is also referred to as ‘Kesari Nandan’ (son of Kesari), and Aanjaneya (son of mother Anjana).

                  He is believed to be one of the 7 ‘Chiranjeevi’ (immortal souls) as per the Hindu texts and is believed to be the ‘Only living god’ in current times.

Lyrics and meaning of Hanuman Chalisa:

The Hanuman Chalisa starts with 2 dohas (couplets), praising Lord Shiva (the guru of Hanuman).

You can also download a PDF of the Chalisa here 

The Beginning Couplets:

श्री गुरु चरन सरोज रज, निज मनु मुकुर सूधारि।

बरनऊं रघुबर बिमल जसु, जो दायकु फल चारि॥    

बुद्धिहीन तनु जानिके, सुमिरौं पवन-कुमार।

बल बुद्धि बिद्या देहु मोहिं, हरहु कलेस विकार॥

Hail God! After cleaning my mind with the dust of guru’s lotus-feet, I humbly describe the spotless glory of Rama, who gives the four fruits of ‘dharma’, ‘artha’, ‘kaama’, and ‘moksha’

Treating myself to be lacking intelligence, I remember Hanuman, the son of Pavan dev. I pray him to grant me strength, intelligence and knowledge and remove all ailments and impurities, from my body and heart, respectively.

The Hanuman Chalisa:

1.              जय हनुमान ज्ञान गुन सागर।

जय कपीस तिहुँ लोक उजागर॥ १ ॥      

Hail! Lord Hanuman, someone who is an ocean of knowledge and virtues. Hey! King of vaanars (monkeys), you are well-known across the three ‘lokas’ – Dharti, Paatal, and Swarg. May you be victorious always!

2.              राम दूत अतुलित बल धामा।

अंजनि पुत्र पवनसुत नामा॥ २ ॥  

You are the trusted messenger of Rama and an abode of unparalleled strength. You are known by the names of Anjani-putra (son of Anjana) and Pavan-suta (son of Pavan dev)

3.              महावीर विक्रम बजरंगी।

कुमति निवार सुमति के संगी॥ ३ ॥

You are the great hero, have great valour and are endowed with a body as strong as Lord Indra’s Vajra. You remove bad thoughts and give company to people with pure thoughts.

4.              कंचन बरन बिराज सुबेसा।

कानन कुंडल कुंचित केसा॥ ४ ॥  

You possess a complexion like that of gold, and your attire is very attractive. You wear kundals (small earrings worn in ancient times by Hindus) with your curly hair tied in the form of a bun.

5.              हाथ बज्र औ ध्वजा बिराजै।

काँधे मूँज जनेऊ साजै॥ ५ ॥     

You hold a ‘vajra’ like gadaa and a flag in your hands. A janeu (sacred thread, also called Yajnopavita) made of moonja (a type of thread) adorns your shoulder.

6.              शंकर सुवन केसरी नंदन।

तेज प्रताप महा जग बंदन॥ ६ ॥  

Hey! An embodiment of Lord Shiva (or Pavan, who carries the power of Shiva), the son of Kesari, your aura and glory is great and is worshipped by the whole world.

7.              विद्यावान गुनी अति चातुर।

राम काज करिबे को आतुर॥ ७ ॥ 

You are very knowledgeable and supremely clever. You are always eager to perform tasks for Rama.

8.              प्रभु चरित्र सुनिबे को रसिया।

राम लखन सीता मन बसिया॥ ८ ॥

You are fond of listening to the acts of Rama (Ramayana). You always reside in the hearts of Rama, Lakshmana and Sita and they always reside in your heart.

9.              सूक्ष्म रूप धरी सियहिं दिखावा।

बिकट रूप धरि लंक जरावा॥ ९ ॥ 

You showed an extremely minute form of yours to Sita in the Ashok Vatika. Then, you assumed a giant and scary form and burnt the city of Lanka.


10.            भीम रूप धरि असुर सँहारे।

रामचन्द्र के काज सँवारे॥ १० ॥   

You assumed a scary form and killed the demons (belonging to Raavan’s army). You successfully carried out all the tasks of Rama.

11.            लाय सँजीवनि लखन जियाए।

श्रीरघुबीर हरषि उर लाए॥ ११ ॥  

You brought the Sanjeevini, (the lifesaving herb) from Dronagiri, Himalayas, and gave life to Lakshman. With this Lord Rama was so elated, that he embraced you.

Hanuman Chalisa

12.            रघुपति कीन्हीं बहुत बड़ाई।

तुम मम प्रिय भरतहि सम भाई॥ १२ ॥   

Lord Rama praised you in so many words and said, “You are dear to me, just like my younger brother, Bharat”.

13.            सहस बदन तुम्हरो जस गावैं।

अस कहि श्रीपति कंठ लगावैं॥ १३ ॥      

Lord Rama said that thousands of people will sing your glory. And saying this, the lord embraces him again.

Hanuman Chalisa


14.            सनकादिक ब्रह्मादि मुनीसा।

नारद सारद सहित अहीसा॥ १४ ॥

Saints like Sanka, gods like Brahma, and others like Naarad, Saraswati praise your glory.

15.            जम कुबेर दिक्पाल जहाँ ते।

कबी कोबिद कहि सकैं कहाँ ते॥ १५ ॥    

No one can describe Hanuman’s reputation. No poets and even gods like Yamaraj, Kuber, and gatekeepers of the heavens have the capability to speak about your infinite glory.

16.            तुम उपकार सुग्रीवहिं कीन्हा।

राम मिलाय राजपद दीन्हा॥ १६ ॥

You did a great favour to Sugriva by making him meet Rama and giving him the kingdom of Kishkindha.

17.            तुम्हरो मन्त्र बिभीषन माना।

लंकेश्वर भए सब जग जाना॥ १७ ॥      

Even Vibhishan accepted your advice. As a result to which, he became the king of Lanka. The whole world knows this.

  1. जुग सहस्र जोजन पर भानू।

लील्यो ताहि मधुर फल जानू॥ १८ ॥  

Mistaking it to be a sweet fruit, you dashed towards the Sun, which is 10,000 yugs away from the earth.

19.            प्रभु मुद्रिका मेलि मुख माहीं।

जलधि लाँघि गये अचरज नाहीं॥ १९ ॥    

O Lord, you placed the god’s ring in your mouth and leapt across the ocean. No wonder, you did it.

Hanuman Chalisa


20.            दुर्गम काज जगत के जेते ।

सुगम अनुग्रह तुम्हरे तेते॥ २० ॥ 

Whatever most difficult tasks are there in the world, they become very simple with your grace.

21.            राम दुआरे तुम रखवारे।

होत न आज्ञा बिनु पैसारे॥ २१ ॥  

You guard the door to Rama’s court (and heart). No one can enter, without your permission.

22.            सब सुख लहै तुम्हारी शरना।

तुम रक्षक काहू को डरना॥ २२ ॥ 

All the pleasures lie in your refuge. With you around as a protector, where is the need to be afraid of?

23.            आपन तेज सम्हारो आपै।

तीनौं लोक हाँक ते काँपे॥ २३ ॥  

Only you can control your powers. Your roar can make the three ‘lokas’ (worlds) tremble with fear.

24.            भूत पिशाच निकट नहिं आवै।

महाबीर जब नाम सुनावै॥ २४ ॥  

When someone chants your name, no evil spirits or ghosts can come near to him.

25.            नासै रोग हरै सब पीरा।

जपत निरंतर हनुमत बीरा॥ २५ ॥ 

Someone who incessantly chants the name of brave Hanuman gets free from all ailments and sufferings.

26.            संकट तें हनुमान छुड़ावै।

मन क्रम बचन ध्यान जो लावै॥ २६ ॥    

To all those, who remember Hanuman in their hearts, routine, words and meditation, Hanuman liberates them from all adverse situations.

27.            सब पर राम तपस्वी राजा।

तिन के काज सकल तुम साजा॥ २७ ॥    

Lord Rama is the supreme & king of ‘tapasvees’ (saints), you are the one, who has executed all his tasks.

28.            और मनोरथ जो कोई लावै।

सोहि अमित जीवन फल पावै॥ २८ ॥     

If anyone comes to you, with any wish, you fulfil all his wishes. He gets the unlimited fruit of the wish.

29.            चारों जुग परताप तुम्हारा।

है परसिद्ध जगत उजियारा॥ २९ ॥

Your glory is spread over all the four yugas and illuminates the whole world.

30.            साधु संत के तुम रखवारे।

असुर निकंदन राम दुलारे॥ ३० ॥ 

You are the protector of all saints and other good people. You are the destroyer of all demons and evil people and hence you are dear to Lord Rama.

31.            अष्ट सिद्धि नौ निधि के दाता।

अस बर दीन्ह जानकी माता॥ ३१ ॥      

You are the one, who bestows the 8 different ‘siddhis’ (supernatural powers) and the 9 ‘nidhis’ (divine treasures). Such a boon was given to you by Janaki (Sita, the daughter of King Janaka).

32.            राम रसायन तुम्हरे पासा।

सदा रहो रघुपति के दासा॥ ३२ ॥ 

You have the secret of Rama’s Bhakti. And may you always respectfully serve Raghupati (Lord Rama).

33.            तुम्हरे भजन राम को पावै।

जनम जनम के दुख बिसरावै॥ ३३ ॥     

Singing ‘bhajans’ (songs in your praise) can help a devotee forget the adversities and afflictions of many-many births.

34.            अंत काल रघुबर पुर जाई।

जहाँ जन्म हरिभक्त कहाई॥ ३४ ॥

At the time of their physical death, devotees go to the abode of Raghuvar (Lord Vishnu). Even if they take a re-birth, they are called ‘hari-bhakta’ (devotees of Hari).

35.            और देवता चित्त न धरई।

हनुमत सेइ सर्व सुख करई॥ ३५ ॥

If someone serves only Hanuman completely, then there is no need to contemplate any other devatas in their mind. This alone helps them get all favourable blisses.

36.            संकट कटै मिटै सब पीरा।

जो सुमिरै हनुमत बलबीरा॥ ३६ ॥ 

Someone, who remembers the brave and mighty Hanuman, gets liberated from all adversities and sufferings.

37.            जय जय जय हनुमान गोसाईं।

कृपा करहु गुरुदेव की नाईं॥ ३७ ॥ 

Lord Hanuman, May victory always be yours! Just as a guru showers his grace, please shower your love to me.

38.            जो शत बार पाठ कर कोई।

छूटहि बंदि महा सुख होई॥ ३८ ॥ 

If someone recites this 100 times (or 108 times), he /she is released from bondage and achieves great bliss.

39.            जो यह पढ़ै हनुमान चालीसा।

होय सिद्धि साखी गौरीसा॥ ३९ ॥ 

If someone chants this Hanuman Chalisa, he/she attains ‘siddhi’ (supernatural powers). Shiva himself is a witness to this statement.

40.            तुलसीदास सदा हरि चेरा।

कीजै नाथ हृदय महँ डेरा॥ ४० ॥  

In the last verse, Tulsidas mentions his name and says that he is always an ardent devotee of Hari.

He requests the Hanuman to stay permanently in his heart.

Concluding Doha:

पवनतनय संकट हरन मंगल मूरति रूप।

राम लखन सीता सहित हृदय बसहु सुर भूप॥      

O Son of Pavan dev, remover of all adversities, one with an auspicious form, please reside in our hearts along with Rama, Lakshman, and Sita.

Final words:

Across all temples, a recitation or chanting of the Hanuman Chalisa is a common ritual. Millions of Hindus, across the world, recite this devotional hymn every day. It is believed that chanting Hanuman Chalisa gives you confidence and strength to face any difficult situation.


Q. 1: Who wrote Hanuman Chalisa?

Ans: Goswami Tulsidas

Q. 2: In which language, was Hanuman Chalisa originally written?

Ans: Awadhi

Q. 3: Which secret of the universe has been disclosed by Tulsidas Ji in Hanuman Chalisa?

Ans: Tulsidas Ji, in the 16th century, has disclosed a very big secret of the universe – the distance between the earth and the sun. In one of the verses, he says, “Jug sahastra jojan par bhaanu”, where he has described the distance between the earth and the sun.

Q. 4: What boon did Sita give to Hanuman?

Ans: Sita gave Hanuman the boon to be the only one, who can bestow 8 kinds of ‘siddhis’ (supernatural powers) and the 9 kinds of ‘nidhis’ (divine treasures).

Q. 5: As per Hindu mythology, who all are 7 people who are believed to be ‘Chiranjeevi?

Ans: As per Hindu mythology, the following 7 people from our ancient times are believed to be ‘Chiranjeevi (immortal) – Ashwathama, King Mahabali, Veda Vyasa, Vibhishan, Kripacharya, Parshuram, and Hanuman.

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