Shri Durga Dwatrinshat Nam Mala (अथ दुर्गाद्वात्रिंशन्नाममाला – श्री दुर्गा द्वात्रिंशत नाम माला)

Durga Durgarti Shamani Durgapadvinivarini ।

Durgamachthini Durgasadhini Durgashini ।

Durgatodwarini Durg Nihantree Durgamaapahan ।

Durgam Gyanada Durgadayatilokdavanala ।

Durgama Durgamaloka Durgamataswarpini ।

Durgamarprada Durgamavidya Durgamashrita ।

Durgamgyanasasthana Durgamadhyanabhasini ।

Durgamoha Durgamga Durgamarthwarpini ।

Durgamasurashanantri Durgamayudharadhini ।

Durgamangi Durgamata Durgamya Durgameshwari ।

Durgabhima Durgabhama Durlabha Durgadharini ।

Namavali Mamayastu Durgaya Mam Manas: ।

Pathet Sarvam Bhayanumukto Bhavishyati Na Sanshayah ।

Atha Shree Durga Battis Namavali Strot | Shri Durga 32 Namavali | 32 Chamtkari Names of Maa Durga

Previously, Maheshwari Durga was worshipped by Brahma and other deities with various offerings, including flowers. Durgatinashini Durga exclaimed, “Bhagwan!” in satisfaction at this. Ask for anything you want; I will also give you unusual items if I am satisfied with your worship.

When the deity heard Durga’s words, he exclaimed, “Devi!” You killed our adversary Mahishasura, who was a thorn in the three worlds’ sides, and as a result, the entire world became healthy and fearless. We have regained our position thanks to your assistance. You are the Kalpavriksha for the devotees; we have come to your shelter and have no desire to obtain anything. We’ve got everything. However, you have orders, so we need to ask you something to protect the world. Maheshwari! Which is the solution, by which you will soon be happy, you will protect the creature in distress. Deveshwari! Even if it is completely confidential, we must be informed.

After praying in this manner, Dayamayi Durga Devi said to Bhagwan, “Devgan!” Listen, these are extremely private and rare secrets. The garland of my thirty-two names will extinguish all objections. In the three worlds, there is no other praise like this. These are ethereal. Pay attention, I tell you –

1) Durga,

2) Durgatishamni,

3) Durgapadvinivarini,

4) Durgamachedini,

5) Durgasadhini,

6) Durgashashini,

7) Durgatoddhaarini

8) Durganihanantri,

9) Durgamapaha,

10) Durgamgyanada,

11) Durgadityalokdavanala,

12) Durgama,

13) Durgamaloka,

14) Durgamat Swarupini,

15) Durgamarprada,

16) Durgamavidya,

17) Durgamashrita,

18) Durgamagyaanasansthaana,

19) Durgamadhyanabhasini,

20) Durgamoha,

21) Durgamaga,

22) Durgamaarthaswarupini,

23) Durgamasurashanantri,

24) Durgamayudharadhini,

25) Durgamaangi,

26) Durgamata,

27) Durgamya,

28) Durgameshwari,

29) Durgabhima,

30) Durgabhama,

31) Durgabha

32) Durgadarini

‘Whoever mentions the name Durga to me will undoubtedly be fearless.’

If you have enemies or are in an unbreakable bond, reciting these thirty-two names will end the crisis. There are no reservations. If the king orders slaughter in rage or any harsh punishment, or if a man is surrounded by enemies in battle or becomes trapped in the clutches of violent animals like wild animals in the forest, he must recite these thirty-two names 128 times. He is no longer afraid.

In a disaster, there is no other dreaded remedy like this. Bhagwan! Those who recite this name are not harmed. It should not be preached by an uneducated person, an atheist, or a devout man. Those who recite this nomenclature a thousand, ten thousand, or lakh times, whether by themselves or by Brahmins, are exempt from all objections.

People who perform havan a million times with these names and white sesame seeds mixed with Siddha Agni are relieved of their worries. The puja for this name is worth thirty thousand. Reading it with dedication demonstrates complete work. Make a lovely clay ashtabhuja idol with the mace, khadg, Trishul, arrow, bow, bow, lotus, khet (shield), and mudgar in each of the eight arms.

The statue has three eyes, a moon sign, is dressed in red, rides on the back of a lion, and slaughters Mahishasura with a shool. Make a statue like this and worship me with a variety of materials. Offer red Kaner flowers to my said Namo, worship him 100 times, chant Mantra, and perform Havan with Puja. Enjoy the best of everything. In this way, humans demonstrate incurable work. ‘A human who praises me every day is never in trouble.’

While saying this to Bhagwan, Jagdamba was interrupted. Those who hear this Durga ji anecdote have no misfortune.

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