Story of Krishna- Radha

Story Of Radha Krishna


Among them the most endearing couples are Radha and Krishna who are worshiped as the god and goddess of love, protection, and compassion. The name of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha are always used at the same time therefore the combined name Radha Krishna is used. name lord Krishna derived from the Sanskrit word Krsna, which can be translated to ‘the black’, ‘the blue’, ‘the dark blue’ or ‘all attractive’. This has eight forms of Lord Vishnu in him identified. He is probably the most appreciated of all the characters in Hindu mythology.

It is observed every year as Krishna Janmashtami as per the lunisolar Hindu calendar; in the Gregorian calendar, it is in the last week of August or the first week in September. Radha’s birthday is celebrated 15 days after ‘Janmashtami on the eighth day of the bright half of the Bhadrapada month’. This festival is popularly known as Radhashtami.

Born on: Ashtami of the month of Bhadrapada (Krishna paksh)

Biological Parents: Devaki and Vasudev

Foster Parents: Yashoda and Nand

Birth Story of Krishna

Krishna was thought to have been born in Mathura and the dated estimated of his birth is 3212 BC. The Puranas itself reveals that Sri Krishna’s life is the epoch when the Dvapara Yuga terminated and the Kali Yuga started. His biological parents were Devaki & Vasudeva. Kamsa was Devaki’s brother and Krishna’s maternal uncle.

As per the legends, it is believed that on the day of Devaki’s wedding, there was heavenly announcement which said that Kamsa will be killed by Devaki’s eight child. Thus, Kamsa imprisoned Devaki along with her husband, Vasudev. Kamsa on the single hand killed each of his 6 siblings, who were born preceding him. Krishna was dated night on eighth of ashtami born on the Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada month, he being the eighth child in the family. It rained a lot when he was born. Thus Prodigal Son’s gates opened because of some divine intervention, which made the prison door open and guards slept. Thus obeying the heavenly instructions Vasudev crossed the Yamuna and gave Krishna into the custody of his friend Nandrai at Gokul. His wife, Yashoda, too had given birth to a girl. So, they exchanged the babies and Vasudev returned to prison with the girl child.

Krishna Radha

In child bearing, Kamsa attempted to kill the new born girl, she flew out of his hand and transformed into Hindu goddess Yogmaya. Kamsa rising against Lord Krishna, she informed Kamsa that, he would die at the hands of Lord Krishna and then disappears.

Therefore, the youthful Krishna lived with his adopted parents Nanda and Yashoda. This is why parenthood of Yashoda is considered superior to that of Devaki and therefore Yashoda is known as the first mother of Krishna while Devaki the second. They have two other children or according to the typical Hindu cast, he has two elder sisters namely Balarama and Subhadra.

Story of Radha

Radhika Devi is also referred to as Goddess Radha or Radha Rani whom is the avatar of Goddess Lakshmi and is a goddess with compassion and love and is worshipped as the icon of love. Some claims that she is the chief among the gopis of Lord Krishna: in youth she is his beloved, but he is not married to her. However, Radha is considered to be the spousal counterpart or the internal energy – the heading of energy (shakti) of Krishna, who lives in Gokula Vrindavan, the spiritual plane that is the domain of Radha-Krishna couple. Krsnah is stated to have Radha by his side in all his incarnations. Everyone has heard that these two names are the most familiar and cannot be split; it is always associated with Radhekrishna.


Story of  Krishna-Radha

Krishna and Radha like every lover, started at a tender age and they were extremely much in love. According to the legend, as a child Krishna began to play the flute, so the cows for the pasture. Forgetting everything in this world whenever Krishna played the flute – that was something fully pure and all residing or moving entities were transluced into the mood of dancing. The ladies like Gopis or the cowgirl would be doing their work for instance milking a cow and when they remember Krishna, they immediately drop the activity and start dancing in front of him symbolically out of love. However, one lady from the group of Gopis allured him and her name was Radha. The whole creation longed for Krishna but Krishna longed for Radha. He and she meet each other and begin to have an affection for each other when they are young.

Radha Krishna parties and once used to dance in the garden called Nidhivan (Madhuban) located at Vrindavan. Even, they participated all the festival either with friends and relatives, still Holil is one of the festival that depict the pureness of love among them. This place is always remembered to be the love nest of Radha Krishna, people still come here to have fellows how it is to be in love and devoted.


They also played they got married in childhood but as they were kids nobody was there to marry them and thus Radha is not recognized as the wife of Krishna. Nevertheless the affection between them is beyond description, Radha could not even get a glimpse of Krishna; she used to work as a maid servant in the house of Lord Krishna so, that she could see him daily before marriage and she finally understood it is hurting more when you are with the one you love, but physically away from him and finally one day she left without informing anyone.

If ever their love is portrayed or depicted, then the use of bansuri or flute is certainly inevitable, everyone enjoys the beautiful creation of Lord Krishna, but few are aware that finally, he played it for Radha only, and after that, he discarded the flute. When they both felt that the last moment had arrived and after that, they had to part, so Krishna wanted to gift something to Radha but she refused to accept anything from him, at last, she requested him to play a tune of divine music for her, he played the last tune for Radha and vowed not to play it again. It is tender affection, not sinful spousal connection; so now it can be specified that this is not just the ordinary affection between a man and a woman. Radha was Krishna’s sharp concentration.

Last Meeting of Krishna-Radha 

Radha left her residence one day after being separated from Krishna for many years to have the last glimpse of Him. At that time she was relatively a weak and old woman but at the same time she was a beauty, she walked a long distance to visit Krishna one day. By that time she was liberated from all domestic and family duties which are considered to be traditional women’s domains. Krishna’s palace struck Her and She could see Devakinandan; Lord’s form was so divine she could not take her eyes off. Before exhaling her last breadth, Krishna requested her to make a wish; she initially refused, but then she jokingly asked him to play the flute for her day and night and at last she wanted to unite with the divine soul of Krishna. She left behind her flesh and that garden while listening to the devotion of love by the flute. Lord Krishna could not accept this tragedy and Radha’s death, so he have snapped the flute, as a sign of the end of the love.

The lovers of India are generally known as Radha and Krishna all over the world. Both of them had affection for each other without any desire of claiming each other for marriage. There are many bhajans, which depict that they were simply crazy about each other and never crossed the limit disregarding each other’s sentiments. They gave up love and got apart but in their soul they were together. This is why Lord Krishna said to Radha if people want to call me they have to call you first. Here is the mythological belief about Lord Krishna.Radio is one of the Energy of Lord Krishna. Therefore, his various manifestations are aimed at his outgoing forces or powers while the inner force in him is Radha – the embodiment of Shakti on the earthly plane. She has always depended on the inner strength which she gets from Lord Krishna. This principle is implemented in all the ISKCON temples; this is because where there is an image of Lord Krishna, there is always an image of Radha.


Krishna and Radha enjoyed their fruitful life in Vrindavan for many a long years. They bore many children to each other. Nevertheless, this happiness destined not to last long. To his regret, Krishna was one day summoned to come and fight in the Kurukshetra War that was destined to happen. Thus, he departed from Vrindavan and he did not come back again. Radha was heartbroken. She felt for Krishna till her last days, never separating him out of her heart. Radha and Krishna are lovers for which there is no need to search for a couple so perfect for each other can be found. It is a narrative that has been passed down and repeated over and over again through out the ages. It as a story that remains with people all over the globe even to this day.

Here are some of the key themes of the Radha Krishna story:Here are some of the key themes of the Radha Krishna story:

  • Love: Radha and Krishna affection or their love is perhaps one of the most significant motifs of the work. It is the love without impurity, a love that will lay down its life.
  • Devotion: So, incidents of love or discrete affection between Radha and Krishna; both of them are totally devoted to each other. Both are ready to sacrifice the preferences of one partner for the other.
  • Sacrifice: Love has been depicted where Radha is ready to give her all for Krishna as also Krishna is ready to go to the extent for Radha. Both are ready to sacrifice their own happiness for the other person.
  • Bhakti: Another poignant narrative of Krishna Lila is Radha Krishna where there is the path of faith or devotion. It is a story of love that triumphs all odds and all that is the human spirit can conceive of.

The Radha Krishna story is ,in fact, one of the most appealing and touching love stories. Another beautiful tale that has been narrated and rewritten throughout centuries and that still touches the hearts of those who hear or read it.

Frequently Asked Question About Krishna-Radha Story

Q. 1: Is Lord Krishna only known by the name of Kanhaiya?

Ans: No, Lord Krishna has different names at different places. In Uttar Pradesh, he is known as Kanhaiyya, Bihari and Thakurji, in Odisha as Jagannath, in Maharashtra as Vithoba, in Rajasthan as Shrinathji, in Kerala as Guruvayoorappan, in Gujarat as Dwarakadheesh, and in Tamil Nadu, he is known as Parthasarathy.

Q. 2: Why Radha comes first to Krishna?

Ans: The name of Goddess Radha is always taken before Lord Krishna. As per Hindu mythology, as mentioned in Shrimad Devi Bhagvat, Lord Krishna only listens to the devotees who take the name of Radha first. Therefore, if you want to call Krishna then call Radha rani first. Where there is Radha, there is Krishna.

Q. 3: How did Krishna marry 16000 wives?

Ans: According to Hindu texts, Lord Krishna had around 16,000 wives. Krishna accepted all of them as his wives because of the society who saw them as slaves of the demon king Narakasura. His main wife was Rukmini. However, his heart was only Radha.

Q. 4: At what age Krishna left Radha?

Ans: It is believed that at the age of 10 years he left Vrindavan, all the gopis, his flute, and his beloved Radha. After the death of Kamsa, a new chapter started in his life and he could never return to Vrindavan.

Q. 5: Did Radha Krishna both ever get married?

Ans: In real they never got married to each other. However, it is believed that in their childhood while playing they get married but it was not considered as real. After that, they never get married and Lord Krishna married his eight principal wives and about 16,000 junior wives.

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