Ekadashi Vrat Katha- Katha’s to Please the Lord

Ekadashi 2021

Ekadashi 2021: Find out about the list of Ekadashi and their significance in 2021.

Ekadashi, commonly known as gyaaras is the 11th date (tithi) as per the Hindu calendar and is believed to be a very sacred tithi. Every Ekadashi has some significance and a legend associated with it.

There was 2 Ekadashi that fall every month, so in all months of a calendar year, there are 24 Ekadashis. Every 2-3 years, there is an extra month (Adhik Maas) in the Hindu calendar. That year, there are 2 extra Ekadashi.

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Apara Ekadashi

This Ekadashi falls on the ‘gyaaras’ tithi in the Krishna paksha of the Jayeshtha month of the Hindu calendar, which as per the Gregorian calendar falls between the months of May and June. On this day, people observe fast and pray to god. Also known as Achala Ekadashi, this day is considered a day of fortune for the Hindus.

ekadashi 2021

Significance of Apara Ekadashi 2021?

As per a common Hindu belief, fasting on Apara Ekadashi 2021 gives a person freedom from all sufferings and the person attains salvation and gets a place in heaven after his death. On this day, merely fasting is not enough. It is important to listen to its Katha (story) to know the importance of this day.

Hindus believe that after listening to the story, they get pious and give peace to their ears, mind, and soul. By listening to this Katha, one feels inspired and must practice the rituals in its practical life so that they could move ahead on the ways of righteousness and avoid the path of sins.

There is a story behind performing fast on this auspicious day which is recited in the form of Katha to get the blessing from Lord Vishnu.

ekadashi 2021

The Apara Vrat Katha

The Ekadashi 2021 katha as per Hindu mythology, during ancient times, there lived a king named, Mahidhwaj. He was a godly king and was cherished by all his people. The king was very kind and was always concerned about the welfare of people. He had an immense belief in God.

He had a younger brother who was totally opposite. His name was Vajradhwaj, and he was on the wrong path. He was very greedy and cunning. One day, getting an opportunity, he committed the biggest sin of his life and killed his brother and king Mahidhwaj. After killing him, he buried the dead body under a peepal tree in a dense forest so that no one could know about the crime.

Since the death of the Godly king was not natural and according to the wish of its God, it was considered premature and considered as the most sinful act of Vajradhwaj. According to Hindu mythology, it is believed that those who are killed in unnatural circumstances and do not get treated properly as per the rituals; their spirit does not attain salvation and is not able to reach the heavenly abode.

The same applied to King Mahidhwaj and his spirit could not get freed from the place of life that is earth. It kept on roaming and stuck to that old peepal tree in that dense forest. The chained spirit started giving trouble to every person who passed through that path or came under that tree.

They were totally unaware of the case and it was believed that the place inside the forest near to peepal tree was haunted. But no one knew the reason.

ekadashi 2021
Ekadashi Vrat Katha- Katha’s to please the Lord

The pious sage after listening to his painful story promised to the spirit of Mahidhwaj that he will help him get free from this sore act and get to the place which he deserves in the heavenly abode of the Lord.

The sage preached the spirit of Mahidwaj with the knowledge of life after death. He gave him the lessons of life and the afterlife and ensures that the spirit could apply to itself and become pious.

In order to make the spirit of King Mahidhwaj free from the phantom, he decided to keep a fast and attain the level of virtue that makes him more pious and dedicated towards God. Following the same, the sage kept the fast on the day of Apara Ekadashi 2021 with the strictness not to touch any food and make it pure and heavenly.

The sage completed the fast and opened it on the day of dwadashi (12th day) attaining the blessings of the Lord. He then offered the virtue of the fast to the phantom with an intention to make the spirit of King Mahidhwaj free and the same happened in reality.

As soon as the phantom attained the virtue of fast kept by the pious sage, he released the spirit of the king and made him free from pret-yoni (ghost) in order to reach the deserving place in the heavenly abode of its Lord.

ekadashi 2021
Ekadashi Vrat Katha- Katha’s to please the Lord

By the implication of the lesson given in the vrat katha, people following the Hindu religion perform fast on the auspicious day of Apara Ekadashi 2021 and worship Lord Trivikram. People believe that by offering fast in front of their Lord, they will get rid of all the sins that they have undergone through such as adulterous, giving false testimonies, telling lies, or doing any kind of wrong scriptures.

It is believed that at the time of war in favour of the Lord, the Kshatriyas that ran away without giving their efforts in favour of God will go to hell after death but at the time of their life, even if they perform the fast of Apara Ekadashi, they will secure their position to heaven.

The power and performance of the Apara Ekadashi fast is so significant that it is treated equally to the result obtained by taking bath on Kartik Purnima in all the three Pushkars mentioned in Hindu culture and offering food and necessities to the needy on the bank of the river Ganga.

How is Apara Ekadashi 2021 Celebrated?

As per the method of Apara Ekadashi 2021 fasting, it starts a day before Ekadashi from dashmi tithi. Since that day consumption of meat, fish and alcohol is completely prohibited. It is also believed that even if you do not keep fast on Ekadashi, do not eat rice.

The consumption of food should be abandoned only after the sunset of dashmi (10th day). One must wake up early in the morning of Ekadashi to take bath by mixing Gangajal in their bathing water. A person should wear clean clothes and perform deep meditation on Lord Vishnu. There is a practice to spread a yellow cloth on a plank facing the east direction by placing the idol or photo of Lord Vishnu on it. A person can perform fast or stay fruitless for the whole day.

Thereafter, they set up a Kalash and light a lamp with the practice to offer those flowers, fruits, betel leaves, cloves, betel nuts, coconut, etc. by sitting on the yellow seat. The person following this method shall take water in its right hand and take the virtue of Lord Vishnu’s fast. They must listen to the story of fast and perform aarti by lighting a lamp of cow’s ghee and recite Vishnu Sahastranama.

As per Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu should be worshipped methodically on the day of Apara Ekadashi 2021, by which sins of a person are destroyed and they get the blessings of God. It is believed that Lord Vishnu will liberate them from all their troubles in life and salvation will be attained to their spirit after death.

Worshipping of Vishnu yantra on the day of Apara Ekadashi 2021 will fulfill the desires of a needy person and they will get what they wish for but on a condition that it must not harm the life of any other person.

It is been said that one must also observe this fast to get forgiveness for all the mistakes and sins that is has committed throughout its life. It is a belief that reciting Vishnu Sahastranama on this day gives the opportunity to acquire special blessings of Lord Vishnu, which the person will cherish till death.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. 1: When is Apara Ekadashi 2021 celebrated?

Ans: Apara Ekadashi is celebrated on the gyaaras’ tithi in the Krishna paksha of the Jayeshtha month of the Hindu calendar, which as per the Gregorian calendar falls between the months of May and June.

Q. 2: What is the other name for Apara Ekadashi?

Ans; Achala Ekadashi

Q. 3: What do people do on Apara Ekadashi 2021?

Ans: On this day, people observe fast and pray to god.

Q. 4: What is the significance of fasting on Apara Ekadashi?

Ans: Fasting on Apara Ekadashi is treated equally to taking bath on Kartik Purnima in all the three Pushkars mentioned in Hindu culture and offering food and necessities to the needy on the bank of the river Ganga.

Q. 5: Are there any restrictions before observing the Apara Ekadashi 2021 fast?

Ans: Starting the dashmi, consumption of meat, fish, and alcohol is prohibited. Also, the rice must not be eaten on Ekadashi. The person should stay away from speaking any lies or committing any sin.

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