Lord Shiva Images: 20 HD Lord Shiva Wallpapers

Maha Mrityunjaya

Find the best Lord Shiva HD wallpapers here! As a part of the trinity of gods, as per Hinduism, Shiva is believed to be the supreme god. This is why, he is often addressed as ‘devon ke dev, Mahaadev’, which literally means ‘god of gods, the great god. As per, ‘Shaivism’, one of the major Hindu traditions, Shiva is the Supreme Being. Among the trinity of gods, Shiva is known as ‘the destroyer’.

The word Shiva in Sanskrit means, the ‘auspicious one’. Though he is believed to have 108 names, some of his names are attributed to his qualities, like ‘Shambu’ (meaning benign), ‘Shankara’ (meaning Beneficent), ‘Mahesha’, and ‘Mahadeva’ (both meaning great Lord).

Since Vedic times, devotees have been romanticized by the various forms of Lord Shiva. In Hindu mythology, Shiva is represented in a calm mood with his consort Parvati and children Lord Kartika and Lord Ganesha, as the cosmic dancer (Natraja), half-male, and half-female form called ‘Ardhnarishwara’ and many other forms.
Lord Shiva is worshipped both in physical forms and abstract forms. The physical form is Shiva is very unique. He is shown sitting on a tiger skin with ash smeared all over his body. His matted hair was decorated by a crescent moon and holy river Ganga, a snake around his neck, and the third eye on his forehead.

He carries a trishool (trident) and a damroo and rides on his mythological carrier, Nandi (the white bull). He has a blue throat, due to consuming ‘halaahal’ (poison), during the ‘Samudra Manthan’. Due to this, he is also called ‘Neelkanth’ (the one with a blue throat). He is believed to reside at his abode called Kailash Parvat (Mount Kailash).

While in the abstract form he is worshipped as Shivlings and Jyotirlings. While there are several temples with Shivlings, there are 12 Jyotirlings spread all over India.

Who is Shiva

The question that several people have asked but have not got any answer to – Who is Shiva? And how was he born? Even we do not have an answer to that. As per the Hindu texts, Shiva is ‘Syambhoo’, which means he only created himself. He is above the chakra of birth and death. He was never born, and he will never die. He was present even before the universe, and he will remain even after the universe.

But, we do have the answer to the second question. What does Shiva mean? Shiva is a complex word, which can be broken down into 3 words – Shiva = Sha + Ee + Va
Here, the word ‘sha’ stands for the word ‘shareeram’, which means the body. ‘ee’ stands for the word ‘eeshwariya’, which means ‘life-giving energy. And ‘va’ stands for ‘Vayu’ which refers to vayu (wind or motion). Combining the three words, we get Shiva, means literally means ‘the body with life and motion’.

If you remove the ‘ee’ from between, it means ‘shav’, which means the dead body. This brings us to the deeper meaning of Shiva. This means that Shiva is the potential for life. Without Shiva, there is only body, no life. Shiva is the universal soul.

Lord Shiva HD Wallpapers

Given below are some HD wallpapers of Lord Shiva. You may install them on the screen of your desktop or laptop and get the blessings of Lord Shiva, while day long.

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