8 Forms of Kaal Bhairava – Ashta Bhairava

Kaal Bhairava represents both divine grace & protection against negative influences while also being an embodiment of destruction when necessary for cosmic balance. He can be seen depicted on many temples throughout India along with other deities like Ganesh, Vishnu etc., signifying his importance within Hinduism culture & mythology over centuries now.. Worshipping this god has been known to bring luck into people’s lives through blessings bestowed upon them by Him.

The Ashta Bhairavas are eight manifestations of the Hindu god Bhairava, a ferocious aspect of Shiva. Each Bhairava has seven sub Bhairavas under him and all are ruled by Mahakala Bhairava, who is considered the supreme ruler of time of the universe and the chief form of Bhairava.

There are 64 Bhairavas. These 64 Bhairavas are grouped under eight categories and each category is headed by one major Bhairava. The major eight Bhairavas are called Aṣṭāṅga Bhairavas. The Ashta Bhairavas control the eight directions of this universe.

Eight Forms of Kaal Bhairava

  1. Asitanga Bhairava: Asitanga Bhairava is an east facing God, who has Bhrami as his consort and swan as his mount. He can bless a devotee with creative ability.
  2. Ruru Bhairava: Southeast facing Ruru Bhairava has Maheshwari as his consort and ox as his mount, and he can bestow divine knowledge.
  3. Chanda Bhairava: Goddess Kaumari is the consort of the south-facing Lord Chanda Bhairava and he rides on a peacock. He can bless devotees with immense energy and success over rivals.
  4. Krotha Bhairava: Krotha Bhairava has Varahi as his consort. The eagle is his mount and he is seen facing south-west direction. He can bless one with the strength to take strong initiatives.
  5. Unmatha Bhairava: Unmatha Bhairava is a west-facing deity, having Varahi as his consort and horse as his mount. His worship can have a check on the negative trait of ego, arrogance, narcissism.
  6. Kapaala Bhairava: Kapaala Bhairava is north-west facing, has an elephant mount and has Indrani as his consort. His worship can relieve one from futile pursuits.
  7. Bheeshana Bhairava: Bheeshana Bhairava has Chamundi as his Goddess, lion as his mount and north is the direction that he is facing. His worship can remove evil influences, spirits and all negativity.
  8. Samhara Bhairava: With the dog as his mount, Samhara Bhairava is northeast facing and is having Chandi as his consort. His worship can dissipate/dissolution of negative karmas of the past sins.

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