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We are very excited to connect with people who think, act and write like us. We want you to write about the religion and philosophy that represents everything Indian which will help enlighten those who are unaware about the facts about Hinduism. We also want to help authors reach more people and make their thoughts known in a wider range of audience.

We are looking for people who want to write about Hindu culture and related topics.

Topics: These are the topics you can write on-

  1. Write for Us + Hindu Festivals.
  2. Write for Us + Hindu Rituals.
  3. Write for Us + Hindu Temples.
  4. Write for Us + Hindu gods & Prayers.

Apart from these, you can also write on recent events, researches and opinions that are related to Hinduism in some way.

Benefits Of Content:

• Our blog has more than 10K views per month. By writing for us, you get exposure to a massive audience. You can spread your word in a broader area.
• You will get links to your website which will help your website getting more readers. Also, it makes your website more popular in Google search rankings.
• We will showcase your writing on our social media platforms so your post gets more visibility.

Content Guidelines:

  • Content must be unique, error free and written by you.
  • We need you to fulfil some requirements for the article you write.
  • You must use 700+ words in an article, 1000+ words recommended.
  • One website link and one social media link in your author or company bio.
  • Images and Videos are encouraged to make your article look more interesting.

If you are interested, please contact us via E-mail:

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