List of Famous temples in Assam

Here is a list of famous temples in Assam. These are very important for Assamese peoples because they will preserve our Assamese culture, which is an essential part of who we are

Temples in AssamLocation
Bagheswari TempleBongaigaon
Bhairabi TempleTezpur
Dah ParvatiyaTezpur
Dhekiakhowa BornamgharJorhat
Dirgheshwari templeGuwahati
Doul Govinda TempleGuwahati
Hatimura TempleSilghat
Hayagriva Madhava TempleHajo
Kamakhya TempleGuwahati
Ketakeshwar DewalTezpur
Madhab ThanJuripar
Mahabhairav TempleTezpur
Mahamaya DhamDhubri district
Navagraha TempleGuwahati
Negheriting Shiva DoulDergaon
Rangnath DolSivasagar
Rudreswar TempleGuwahati
Sukreswar TempleGuwahati
Tamresari TempleTinsukia 
Ugro Tara TempleGuwahati
Umananda TempleGuwahati

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