3-Day Travel Itinerary for visiting Jagannath Temple, Puri

travel itinerary for visiting jagannath temple

Here is a 3-day travel itinerary to visiting Jagannath Temple, Puri, Odisha.You can customize it based on your travel plans to the state

Day 1 of your travel itinerary to Jagannath Temple


Arrive in Puri and check into your hotel. Freshen up and have breakfast.


– Visit the Jagannath Temple, which opens for darshan (worship) around noon. The temple is one of the holiest pilgrimage sites for Hindus and is dedicated to Lord Jagannath, his sister Subhadra, and brother Balabhadra.

– Marvel at the grand architecture of the temple, characterized by its towering spires and intricate carvings. Take your time to explore the temple complex, which includes smaller shrines, courtyards, and gardens.

– Observe the rituals and ceremonies conducted inside the temple. Witness the Pahandi (procession) of the deities, where they are taken from the inner sanctum to the Snana Mandap (bathing altar) for the ceremonial bath.

– Seek blessings from the deities and experience the spiritual ambiance of the temple.


– After visiting the temple, head towards Puri Beach, which is just a short distance away. Take a leisurely stroll along the sandy shore, feel the gentle sea breeze, and enjoy the panoramic views of the Bay of Bengal.

– As the evening approaches, find a spot to witness the mesmerizing sunset over the ocean. Puri Beach is known for its beautiful sunsets, and capturing this picturesque moment can be truly rewarding.

– Indulge in some beach activities like camel rides or horseback riding. You can also try various local snacks and street food stalls along the beachside promenade.

– Explore the vibrant market near the beach, where you can find souvenirs, seashell crafts, and traditional textiles.

Day 2 of your travel itinerary


– Start your day by visiting Gundicha Temple, located at a short distance from the Jagannath Temple. This temple holds immense religious significance as it is believed to be the place where Lord Jagannath stays during the Rath Yatra festival.

– Explore the peaceful surroundings of the temple and witness the morning rituals. Seek blessings from the deities and soak in the spiritual atmosphere.


– After visiting Gundicha Temple, head towards Konark to visit the famous Sun Temple, also known as the Black Pagoda. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and an architectural masterpiece dedicated to the Sun God.

– Marvel at the intricate stone carvings depicting various mythological stories, celestial beings, and human figures. Admire the impressive architecture and the unique design of the chariot-shaped temple.

– Explore the museum adjacent to the temple, which houses a collection of ancient sculptures and artifacts. Gain insights into the history and cultural significance of the Sun Temple.


– Return to Puri and attend the Sandhya Aarti (evening prayer ceremony) at the Jagannath Temple. This divine ritual involves offering prayers to the deities amidst enchanting hymns and devotional music. Witness the mesmerizing spectacle of lamps being lit and camphor flames being waved.

– The atmosphere during the Sandhya Aarti is serene and spiritually uplifting. It provides a chance to connect with your inner self and experience the divine presence of Lord Jagannath.

Day 3 of your travel itinerary to Jagannath Temple


– Embark on a day trip to Chilika Lake, located about an hour’s drive from Puri. Chilika Lake is the largest coastal lagoon in India and a haven for migratory birds.

– Take a boat ride and explore the scenic beauty of the lake. Marvel at the vast expanse of shimmering water, marshy islands, and lush green surroundings. Keep an eye out for the rich birdlife, including flamingos, pelicans, herons, and migratory species that flock to the lake.

– If you’re lucky, you might spot the famous Irrawaddy dolphins, which inhabit the lake. Enjoy the tranquility and natural beauty of this unique ecosystem.


– Return to Puri and spend the afternoon exploring the local markets. Visit the Puri Grand Road, also known as Bada Danda, which stretches from the Jagannath Temple to the Gundicha Temple. It is a bustling street lined with shops selling a wide range of handicrafts, textiles, and traditional Odia artwork.

– Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere and interact with local artisans. Pick up souvenirs such as Pattachitra paintings, palm leaf engravings, seashell crafts, and Odia textiles like the famous Ikat sarees.

– Treat your taste buds to the flavors of Odia cuisine by trying the local delicacies. Don’t miss out on the seafood dishes, which are a specialty of the region. Savor the mouthwatering flavors of prawns, fish curries, and crab preparations.


– If your visit coincides with the Rath Yatra festival, consider attending this grand event. The Rath Yatra involves the pulling of the three chariots of Lord Jagannath, Subhadra, and Balabhadra through the streets of Puri. The chariots are beautifully decorated, and devotees gather in large numbers to witness and participate in this auspicious procession.

– The Rath Yatra is a vibrant and joyous celebration, filled with chants, music, and devotion. It offers a unique cultural experience and provides an opportunity to witness the rich traditions of the Jagannath Temple.

Note: This itinerary provides a general guideline, and you can customize it based on your preferences and the specific dates of your visit. And do remember to visit the famous Lingaraj Temple in Bhubaneswar when you land.

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