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Lakshmi Pooja 2022 – Date, History, Significance, How it is conducted

Lakshmi Pooja 2022 Lakshmi pooja is an important festival within the Diwali celebrations. Among all the festivals of Hindus, Diwali holds the most significance. Many...

Dhanteras 2021 – Date, History, Significance, how it is celebrated

Dhanteras 2021 Date This year in 2021 , Dhanteras will be celebrated on 2nd November. Festivals in India are great occasions to enjoy. All festivals...

Rice Rangoli Designs For Diwali and Other Festivals

Rice Rangoli Design Rangoli designs with rice is an interesting yet different way to showcase rangolis instead of chalk. Rangoli is an Indian traditional form...
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108 Divya Shaktipeeth | 108 दिव्य शक्तिपीठ

प्रस्तावना भगवान शिव अथवा परमेश्वर सर्वशकिामान है और मां पार्वती (भगवती परमेश्वरी) उनको शक्ति हैं। यह सारा संसार शक्ति और शकिामान से आच्छादित है।...

Best time to visit Gangotri temple

The best time to visit the Gangotri temple is from April to June. September and October are also good months. Avoid months of July and...

Hanuman Chalisa Lyrics in Hindi & English with PDF download

Hanuman Chalisa PDF Download Hindi Lyrics Download the Hanuman Chalisa PDF lyrics Hanuman Chalisa Hindi Lyrics PDF Introduction: Hanuman Chalisa was written by one of the most famous...

Best Time to Visit Somnath temple

The temple is open round the year, and pilgrims from around the globe visit the temple and seek the blessings of Lord Shiva. But...

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