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Antique Brass Peacock Dhuni/Fumer


Material: Brass
Dimension (D*H): 9×16 cms
Approx. weight: 1000 gm

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Dhuni is a traditional method of curing various respiratory tract disorders in the Indian Ayurveda. We are here with an antique peacock dhuni/fumer. This fumer is made from brass and has a delicate design of peacock on its top. Besides its healing properties, it also helps to cleanse the air in the surroundings. It not only spreads a soothing fragrance but also has antibacterial properties and other healing chemicals within it that destroy the germs in the air. This allows you to breathe nice and fresh air every time. A dhuni is a natural way to clean air in the surroundings and within your respiratory tract as well. Get this exquisite peacock dhuni crafted from the brass at amazing deals.


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