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24K Gold Foil Shreenath ji Coin


Diameter: 4 cms
Weight: 20 gms
Material: 24kt gold foil


*Processing Time: 4-6 Working Days. Made from Pure Gold Foil/ Leaf: The gold used in our products has a purity of 999.9 in a thousand. The products have been certified by the Assay offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong, London and New York. Silicon Strength: A pure 24kt gold bar is compressed into a thin foiland a silicon base is permanently fused to the delicate gold foil to give it strength & support. The product of this fusion is referred to as 24kt Gold foil/ Leaf and is used to create our unique collection. Our products also have lacer coating for protection & durability. Non-Tarnishing: Our products are created to last. They will not tarnish. Disclaimer: Gold Foil Products are made with Skilled Craftsmanship and State of Art Technology. The 24KT Gold Foil content is spread across a wide surface area, extraction and purity tests of which requires unique processes. My Pooja Box expressly disclaims any action, dispute, claim etc. by any persons challenging the purity of fine gold.


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