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24K Gold Foil Hanumanji Coin


Diameter: 4 cms
Weight: 20 gms
Material: 24kt gold foil

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*Processing Time: 4-6 Working Days, Made from Pure Gold Foil/ Leaf: The gold used in our products has a purity of 999.9 in a thousand. The products have been certified by the Assay offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong, London and New York. Silicon Strength: A pure 24kt gold bar is compressed into a thin foiland a silicon base is permanently fused to the delicate gold foil to give it strength & support. The product of this fusion is referred to as 24kt Gold foil/ Leaf and is used to create our unique collection. Our products also have lacer coating for protection & durability. Non-Tarnishing: Our products are created to last. They will not tarnish.


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