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Happy Dussehra Images, Wishes

In India, of late most people send happy dussehra images and greetings by whatsApp.  festivals mean sharing joy, happiness, and good wishes with everyone. Each festival has its own significance and stories associated with it. Celebrated in the month of October (or sometimes in September), Dussehra is one such festival, which has a lot of significance in Hindu mythology. 

Dussehra – the festival of victory of truth over evil

Celebrated on the ‘dashmi’ of the Ashvin month (during the shukla paksha) as per the Hindu calendar, Dussehra celebrates the victory of truth over evil, and light over darkness. There are several legends and stories associated with Dussehra. In all these stories, the characters and locations are different, but the core message is the same. All the stories highlight the fact that however strong evil may be, it cannot win over the truth. Hence, we must always follow the path of truth and righteousness.

Dussehra in various parts of India:

Dussehra is one festival, which is celebrated across India. Each region has a different name and a different story. There are differences in the way they celebrate the festival. The festival is also known as ‘Vijayadashmi’, ‘Bijoy Dashomi’, Dashain, Dussehra symbolizes the victory of ‘dharma’ (right path) over ‘adharma’ (wrong path), and since it is celebrated on the ‘dashmi’ it got the name ‘Vijayadashmi’ (or Bijoy Dashomi in Bengal).
Across India, Dussehra is followed by 9 days of Navratri. These 9 days also are celebrated in different manners in different parts of the country. While in the western parts of India, Navratri is celebrated as 9 nights of worshipping Goddess Durga by performing ‘Garba Raas’ and ‘Dandiya’ in front of her. There is a huge craze among young boys and girls for dandiya nights. They wear colourful traditional dresses and visit Garba pandals. Boys wear the traditional ‘kediya’ dress, while girls wear ‘chaniya-choli’.
In the eastern parts of India, people celebrate “Durga Utsav’, where they worship Goddess Kaali, another form of Goddess Durga. People install huge idols of Goddess Kaali, which show Maan Kaali killing the demon, Mahishasur. These idols are immersed in water on the day of Dussehra.
In the northern and central parts of India, during these 9 days, ‘Ramleela’ is performed over the stage. ‘Ramleela’ is actually a short act based on the famous epic ‘Ramayana’, which traces the life of Lord Rama. It traces his journey from his birth to the point, where he became the king of Ayodhya, after facing many hardships.

30 best Happy Dussehra Images, Wishes, Messages, Quotes,  Greetings:

So, this Dussehra, if you plan to wish or send your loved one a happy dussehra image or greeting we  have selected some wishes. You may also use the images to send to your friends on families on Facebook or WhatsApp, or make them your status.

Happy Dussehra Wishes:

  1. This Dussehra, I wish your joy and happiness gets multiplied 10 times. Happy Vijayadashmi!
  2. May Lord Ram destroy the ‘Raavan’ in all hearts and bring enlightenment and happiness!
  3. Dussehra is a time to destroy the evil elements among us. Happy Vijayadashmi!
  4. It time to forget hatred and jealousy and make a new beginning of brotherhood and togetherness. Happy Dussehra!
  5. It’s time to kill the ‘Raavan’ and invoke the ‘Ram’ inside us. Happy Dussehra!
  6. This Dussehra may you get victory over all your challenges and sorrows! Happy Dussehra!
  7. May Lord Rama light your path of success and help you to get victory in every phase of your life. Happy Dussehra! 
  8. Let only positive and happy thoughts surround you and burn all the negativity with the effigy of Raavan. Have a great Vijayadashami!
  9. With the effigy of Raavan, burn all your worries this Dussehra. Stay happy and make others happy.
  10. May this Dussehra mark the beginning of a new chapter in your life, a chapter full of happiness! Happy Dussehra!

Happy Dussehra Images

Happy Dussehra Images

Happy Dusshera Wishes Image

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Happy Dussehra Images

Happy Dusshera Quotes Image

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Happy Dussehra Images

Happy Dusshera Quote 

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Happy Dussehra Images

Happy Dusshera Wallpaper Image

Source: https://www.yourfates.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Happy-Dussehra-Wishes.jpg

Happy Dussehra Images

Happy Dusshera Wallpaper Image

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Happy Dussehra Images

Happy Dusshera Quote Image

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Happy Dussehra Images

Happy Dusshera Wishes Image

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Happy Dussehra Images

Happy Dusshera Quote Image

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Happy Dussehra Images

Happy Dusshera Wishes Image

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happy dussehra images and wishes

Happy Dusshera Wishes Image

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happy dussehra images
Happy Dusshera Wishes Image
happy dussehra images and quote
Happy Dusshera Wishes ImageSource: https://www.india.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/1-17.jp
happy dussehra images
Happy Dusshera Wishes Image
Ram bow and arrow happy dussehra images
Happy Dusshera Wishes Image
Happy Dussehra ImagesHappy Dusshera Wishes Image

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Happy Dussehra Images

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Happy Dussehra ImagesHappy Dusshera Wishes ImageHappy Dusshera Wishes Image

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durga happy dussehra imagesHappy Dusshera Wishes Image
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Happy Dussehra ImagesHappy Dusshera Quote Image


Happy Dussehra ImagesHappy Dusshera Wishes Image


English Happy Dussehra ImagesHappy Dusshera Quote Image
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Happy Dussehra ImagesHappy Dusshera Quote Image

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Hndi Happy Dussehra ImagesHappy Dusshera Wishes Image
Ram Happy Dussehra Image & wishHappy Dusshera Wallpaper Wishes Image
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Q. 1: When is Dussehra celebrated?
Ans: Dussehra is celebrated on the ‘dashmi’ of the Ashvin month (during the shukla paksha) as per the Hindu calendar.

Q. 2: What is Dussehra known as in Bengal?
Ans: Bijoya Dashomi

Q. 3: What does Durga Utsav celebrate?
Ans: Durga Utsav celebrates the victory of Goddess Kaali over the demon Mahishasur.

Q. 4: How is Navratri celebrated in Gujarat?
Ans: In Western parts of India, especially Gujarat, people worship Goddess Durga and perform Garba Raas and Dandiya to please her.

Q. 5: Who is Goddess Kaali?
Ans: Goddess Kaali or Kaalika is a form of Goddess Parvati. She is the most powerful form of Shakti and destroyer of evil forces.


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